Virginia Waterleaf and Great Waterleaf!

Virginia Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum virginiana
Dick Young Rating: Native, #5
Habitat: Woodland, Shade.
Growth Habit: Somewhat aggressive - 
(Great filler for spots where nothing else grows, and it stays green all summer!)
Special Features:
 —Stamens conspicuously protruding! 
(Gives the blooms a pretty, airy look!)
— Leaves often spotted, as if from water.   (Hence both common and botanical names!)
Great Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum appendiculatum
Dick Young, 2nd Edition, P.133 Rating:  #8
Habitat: Rich, wooded slopes.
Flowers: much the same as on the
Virginia Waterleaf, except that the flower stems on the “Great”  stand erect, rather than nodding.

Quite different from the Virginia Waterleaf! (See photo to left.)
These Great Waterleaf leaves  are much broader and somewhat palmately arranged (like a palm, or “hand.”) They almost have a Maple leaf look to them.
   (Each leaf of the Virginia Waterleaf, on the other hand, is divided into several toothed leaflets.)
   So, It is easy to understand why the “Great” name applies to the Great Waterleaf: This leaf is clearly bigger & broader looking (if not actually).

Great Waterleaf flourishing at the Wildflower Sanctuary - along with Sweet Cicely!