A  Big Thank You!  

To Our 2010 Plot Gardeners & Regulars!


Helen Bulin

Nita Chevalier

Sharon Collins

Kathy Fairbairn

Ron & Mary Anne Gilkerson

Martha Gimnig

Jan Hofmeister

Ruth Johnsen

Joan Kase

Sarah Kimber

Deb McGrath

Dorothy Patzer

Glad Sandstrom

Jan & Marlan Tevis

Thia Tollas

Gail Trefil

Doris Trout

Christina Wallace

Nancy & Ed Weiss

And .. . to Our Other 2010 Helpers!

Al & GraceBlotch

Nancy Hollmeier

Donner McDonald

Robin McReynolds

Mary Zaander

and . . .

Mrs.Detrick’s BHS Science Students:

         And from students at the Illinois

                               Math Science Academy:

Volunteers and the Wildflower Sanctuary

    The Wildflower Sanctuary on the Batavia Riverwalk is a joint project of the Batavia Plain Dirt Gardeners Organization and the Batavia Park District. The project was begun by volunteers in 1991 and has been maintained and expanded by volunteer efforts ever since.

   Additional volunteers are always needed . . . for adoption of “Orphan Plots” as well as for special work sessions throughout the year. There are all kinds of work to do from weeding out something like the invasive Garlic Mustard; to restoring rock, garden paths; to planting new plants; to watering trees and plants during dry seasons; to hauling brush or mulch for the plot gardeners; etc., etc., etc!

   And in the process, you’ll learn about our native plant heritage; you’ll get to know and enjoy the natural environment of our “sanctuary”; and you’ll be contributing to the well-being of our community! . . . So, try us out!

    (Although it seems as if we have many volunteers, we are spread very thin over a large area and over a long growing season.)

    Our regular volunteer workdays, spring through fall, are Fridays, 8 am to 11:30 am. Locate either Melissa or Nancy to introduce yourself and to begin helping us with this worthwhile project!  (Check our MAPS page to see where the wildflower Sanctuary plots are located.)

Be a Volunteer




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                                    Button Bush photo by John Janunas

Volunteering for the Wildflower Sanctuary!