The Illinois Rose! . . . Our Native Rose!

     We have 3 Illinois Rose bushes (Native Kane County plants) in our Wildflower Sanctuary. They’ve been there since the early days of our Wildflower Sanctuary (the years 1992+).
    One of the bushes is in Plot #30, at the far north end of the peninsula. The others are in our Little Prairie, on the west side of the peninsula (Pond side).
More Info:
Dick Young, 2nd Ed.
Kane County Wild Plants and Natural Areas P. 28,
   3rd Ed. P. 43.
             Rating: #7
Some Dick Young Excerpts:
  This choice native plant is a thorny, rambling, climbing shrub to 12 ft. with reddish green stems . . . In summer, profuse clusters of deep pink, lightly scented flowers . . . in fall, orange and red leaves . . . and fall fruits are bright red “hips”!
The plant “deserves to be more widely used.”
   Note: This native plant is not to be confused with the Asian Multi-flora Rose, which is a “Scourge to our hikers and natural plant communities!”