Swamp Milkweed - Asclepias Incarnata

   Doubtless the most beautiful of all the Milkweeds . . .  the Swamp Milkweed, has blooms made up of the same tiny hourglass-shaped flowers that we find in the inflorescens of ALL of the Milkweed species.
   The flowers of this particular species are a soft kind of “pinky-peachy” color — VERY nice!
    The plant gets to be about 4 feet or higher; and it is found, of course, in swamps! . . . as well as in marshes and wetlands — where it is a real “standout”!
    Our Swamp Milkweeds at the Wildflower Sanctuary are to be found along the west side of the Boardwalk area and they usually bloom mid-summer.
     As with all the Milkweeds, the blooms eventually will become pods . . . which will finally burst out with hundreds (thousands?) of pretty, floating parachutes! (The pods of the Swamp Milkweed are long and slender compared to the more oval pods of Common Milkweed.)
     NOTE: This is a terrific plant that provides a great service to the incredibly special Monarch butterfly species! And Everyone who has a wet, sunny spot in the yard should absolutely feel it 
an Ecological Duty to plant Swamp Milkweed!

A Swamp Milkweed with Monarch laying eggs!


   Each tiny, individual flower of the Swamp Milkweed species has the same basic “hourglass” shape as the flowers of ALL the milkweed species!

    Not ALL of the Milkweeds, however, have “milk-like” juices. And some OTHER species of plants (like Dogbane, for instance) DO have milk-like juices!

    Fortunately, the Monarch Butterfly ladies ALWAYS know the difference when they are ready to lay their eggs!

A Swamp Milkweed “flower.”

Swamp Milkweed on the Depot “Pond,” July 2nd, 2012.


. . . from a Wildflower Sanctuary plant growing down inside the CUT, Oct. 2012!