Evening Primrose - Oenothera biennis


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    This rather common and even weedy biennial is a quite delightful plant . . . especially if you like to prowl the gardens at night . . . or if you’re a Primrose Moth!  (or if . . . like me . . . you are an early- morning riser!)                                                                                                                                                          ~ NW

Here’s what Dick Young has to say about the plant:
    “It is a wand-like biennial to 4 ft., with variable dark green leaves and open ascending racemes of quarter-sized bright yellow blossoms which open towards evening and wither the morning of the following day . . .     “It blooms from mid-June to early November and is a pleasant, continuing source of color in the meadow!” *     —  Dick Young, Kane County Plants and Natural Areas, 2nd Edition, Page 105.

(But, because the plant is so common in Kane County, Dick only gives it a rating of  #1!)

Evening Primroses on the CUT hillside, Little Prairie, WFS, 8:15 AM. 8-9-12.